Bikenomics zine — new edition

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Things got a little hectic in the lead-up to tour this September. I forget exactly how it happened, but I ended up sitting on a comfy couch in Provo, Utah, while our friendly hosts and their 3 year old daughter helped me hand-number and mail out an impromptu, photocopied edition of 160 of the Bikenomics zines that I had finished writing the night before we left on tour. There were typos. There were a couple of sections I blushed about.

Now, finally, it’s getting done right. A new edition, complete with color cover, copyediting, and a bit of uptweaking and rearranging of content, is in progress down at 1984 Printing in Oakland, CA. It should be here in the next month. Which is good, because I’ve just run out of that first short run.

You can pre-order it now to get one of the first copies (or if you’re up for it, consider supporting me as a supersubscriber — you’ll always get the first copies of everything I publish without having to ask for it). Thanks for taking a look! [Note: As of January, 2012, you can buy this zine right here.[