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Vehicular Cyclists weigh in on women

@deisum @ellyblue https://t.co/LGFbmSakxZ pic.twitter.com/hoEuEOdLoN — Sam Ollinger (@ollingers) July 10, 2014 After clicking through to the original forum thread to confirm that John Forester’s comments about gender screencapped here were made in earnest, I have nothing to add. Thanks to the strong-stomached Sam Ollinger, director of San Diego advocacy group BikeSD, for going boldy into [...]

Bikenomics News Roundup

Another week of Bikenomics news! I’ll try to do this every Wednesday—with the greater goals of getting back into the habit of blogging, and continuing to talk about stuff that has come up since I finished writing the book in July. (Side note: The book doesn’t come out til December 1st… but it’s been printed! [...]