Kickstarting Biketopia, and more feminist science fiction analysis

Kickstarting Biketopia, and more feminis...

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Excitingly, it’s at last getting close to time to publish a new volume of Bikes in Space. This year’s collection of feminist bicycle science fiction short stories is called Biketopia, and it’s live on Kickstarter right now. This is the first year that I’m not offering a reward that gives you the chance to assign […]

Call for Submissions: Bikes in Space #5:...

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Submissions are open for Bikes in Space Volume 5. The theme is Intersections. Stories that are accepted will all have a feminist perspective and incorporate bicycling in some way, whether or not they are actually about feminism or about bicycles. We especially welcome submissions from writers of color and nonbinary writers, and seek stories that […]

A song, a poem, some reviews, and other ...

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Yesterday was a big day: Two people, completely unrelatedly, sent us creative projects inspired by the Bikes in Space series. More on those in a minute. First, a big news flash about the Kickstarter campaign for Bikes in Space 3, Pedal Zombies: We’re in some hot water here. With less than 5 days to go, […]

Now Kickstarting: Pedal Zombies! (That's...

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Maybe it’s tomorrow. Maybe it’s in a century. Maybe it’s already happened. But disasters, and aftermaths that pit us against each other, seem to be inevitable in the course of human history. Whatever the zombie apocalypse means to you, there’s a story for you in the third volume of Bikes in Space 3, Pedal Zombies. […]

My big news for 2015: Joining forces wit...

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Update: You’re invited to our Merger Celebration! Tuesday, January 27, 6-8pm (followed by live music) The Waypost, 3120 N Williams, Portland, Oregon Happy new year, everyone! I am buried in a mountain of paperwork, spreadsheets, and to-do lists, but wanted to surface for a moment to give you, the readers and visitors to this blog, […]

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Happy birthday, Bikenomics

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Bikenomics came out a year ago on December 1st. It’s hard to believe it’s been such a short time. The book has sold 7,000 copies, sparked friendships, taken me all over the US and the world, and in at least a few instances has helped to genuinely change a few communities for the better. Here’s […]

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Dreaming of Portland

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Portland! I miss you. For the month or two at a time that I’ve spent at home in the past year (probably adding up to about half the year, more or less), I’ve been happy. (So has my cat.) Sure, in these staccato bursts of time, I’ve watched you change. I’ve watched fortress-like condominiums pop […]

The Business of Publishing: Title Develo...

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This is the fifth post in a series of articles for aspiring publishers. The series is written by Joe Biel, the founder and owner of Microcosm Publishing and author of A People’s Guide to Publishing. Title development is what determines a book’s packaging. It’s the magic combination of title and subtitle, the design and content […]

Dinner and Bikes rolls out again!

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The fifth annual Dinner and Bikes tour is upon us! Josh, Aaron, Joe, and I will be rolling out yet again this May, hitting the road in some sort of gas guzzling behemoth, making a sort of lopsided shape that defies geometrical definition. Our easternmost extreme will be Chicago. Our westernmost extreme will be Amarillo, […]

The Business of Publishing: Formatting f...

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This is the fourth post in a series of articles for aspiring publishers. The series is written by Joe Biel, the founder and owner of Microcosm Publishing and author of A People’s Guide to Publishing. Formatting for Print So you’ve got a book. Or at least, you have a lot of content and want to […]

Now Funding: The Journal of Bicycle Femi...

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tl;dr: The first annual Journal of Bicycle Feminism is up on Kickstarter! Help make it happen, friends. August 1st was a scorcher, and around 3pm Julie the intern insisted that we cut short our work day and go get ice cream. No convincing arguments against this plan presented themselves, so she hopped onto the back […]

Welcome to HOTSTUFF

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You may have noticed that things are looking a little…hotter around here. Our brand new website theme is named HOTSTUFF and the multitalented Caroline Paquette (of cycling cap, book cover design, and general fixing things and adventuring fame has been working hard at it for a while now. Besides the new design being totally eye […]

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Call for Submissions: Bikes in Space 3 (...

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It’s that time again! The third annual volume of Bikes in Space is in the works, this time with a monster twist. This year’s theme is zombies and bicycling. You may take that as literally (pedal powered undead? cycling zombie hunters?) or figuratively (what has automotive technology done to our brains?) as you like. Stories […]

anna kelli culinary cyclist book

Happy Bookiversary! Our first two books ...

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Anna and Kelli at their release party (Photo by Luc Revel) Yesterday, Anna Brones posted on her blog about the 1-year anniversary of her book, The Culinary Cyclist (to celebrate, she includes the recipe for the book’s delicious peanut butter cookies, in case you needed a reason to click over there). I was taken aback. […]