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The Business of Publishing: The economic case for traditional-format offset printing

This post was written by Joe Biel, founder and owner of Portland-based independent press Microcosm Publishing (and not incidentally, the publisher of my books Bikenomics and Everyday Bicycling). A couple of years ago, I posted a short guide to how I fund and sell zines; quite a few people since have said that they used [...]

On Seattle’s Neighborhood Greenways, cute kids can roam free

Future Greenway of Seattle? What brings more smiles than little kids on bicycles? How about a well-connected network of safe, quiet streets so they can ride those bikes freely in their neighborhoods, to parks, and to schools? Seattle’s Neighborhood Greenways initiative aims to provide just that — a network of residential streets, with sane, safe [...]

Call for submissions: Bikes and childhood

Update: This zine is currently being funded on Kickstarter now available! It’s official: Taking the Lane #7: BikeSexuality exists, and nearly every order has been mailed. If you haven’t gotten yours yet, drop me an email and I’ll check it out. If you also ordered Pedal, Stretch, Breathe, I may be waiting to mail them [...]